Is your business data securely backed-up? Do you use tapes to protect your business-critical data? Techlogic services secure managed online data backup protects your data automatically without tapes. Our online backup service is a fully-managed, Cloud data backup solution, offering enterprise class, business online backup and instant restoration. Your data is automatically backed up to our secure UK data center facilities, where it is available for rapid restoration via a dedicated link or internet connection, 24/7/365.

This SLA-backed managed backup service completely eliminates the limitations of traditional tape-based data backup solutions, ensuring that your critical systems and data are always protected. Online data backup (remote data backup) is a method of off-site storage in which data is regularly backed up over a network on a remote server, typically hosted by a service provider. Online backup has become essentially the same as cloud backup. In the days before the term cloud was used, online backup simply meant backing up to a service provider’s site. Now, that site is almost always some kind of cloud. Customers can pay a service provider to handle backups, with pricing based on capacity, frequency and size of backups, bandwidth, and number of users. SMBs with lower backup volumes and smaller IT teams are prime use cases for online backup. An enterprise using online backup services might own the off-site server. Organizations can also use traditional backup software to move data to a public cloud. The process is similar to backing up to disk or tape, except the data goes over the network to the provider’s site.