The network is the backbone of every modern business. But the drive for extra capacity & capability, and the pressure on cost control demand a new standard of network provision from a new breed of provider. Techlogic services’s managed network services embrace everything from straightforward point-to-point connectivity to full network design. Our Managed network service allows to you focus on your core business in the safe knowledge that your communication infrastructure is in safe hands. Techlogic services’s UK-wide MPLS network provides the network infrastructure over which many feature-rich data and voice services can be delivered. A variety of connectivity options including high speed Ether-net, leased line and ADSL Broadband services are available to connect customer sites to our high capacity MPLS core – allowing organizations to host their business-critical applications “In the network”.

If you want site-to-site connectivity, that’s fine. If you want a basic VPN, that’s fine too. But we can give you so much more. By subscribing to Techlogic services’s Managed network service you will bene-fit from connectivity that is capable of adapting and growing with your business as you will have ac-cess to the UK’s most comprehensive suite of pay-as-you-go managed voice and data services. Designed with you in mind to save on cost, guarantee budget predictability, enhance productivity and help build agility, our network is so much more than a piece of wire.

Wireless Networks and security

Wi-Fi access has now become so ubiquitous that this level of freedom is often taken for granted. Yet, the one place where it is most necessary is at the workplace. Keeping up to date with the latest in wireless technology can be very difficult as it is constantly progressing.

Techlogic services specialize in wireless technology and our technical teams are always looking for the innovative, emerging technologies to help you get the most from your business.

We have specialist knowledge about the integration of wired and wireless IT network infrastructures, and our services include:

  • Wireless site surveys and health checks.
  • Full solution design including security, location tracking (RFID Tagging) and ongoing management.
  • Business application integration, including wireless IP telephony, CCTV Surveillance.

Techlogic services offer a range of high quality ‘business-only’ connectivity options, including Business ADSL, ADSL2+, Leased Lines and Ethernet circuits. Our network connectivity services are aimed at businesses wishing to connect offices, home workers, data centers or disaster recovery sites together and access Techlogic services’s core network services and Cloud services.