Video conferencing meetings either took twice as long as they should, due to poor performance, or were cut short as the experience was infuriating. More often than not the problems were due to low speed, poor quality inter-site connections and poor design.

Today’s video and web conferencing and telepresence offerings are capable of living up to the hype. Whether you are looking for desktop PC-based video conferencing technology or an immersive, life- size virtual boardroom experience, Techlogic services has the necessary expertise to provide you with an online video calling solution that is right for your organization including the provision of inter-site connections. Many organizations are migrating to a hosted IP telephony environment as their legacy PBX systems reach the end of their life. You need a partner that not only understands converged networks, but one that understands how VoIP telephony can fit into your business processes and make them more efficient to ensure the transition to VoIP is as smooth as possible. Techlogic services has created IP telephony migration strategies for public and private sector organizations that are looking to get more from an IP phone service than just dial tone reliability. Our extensive knowledge of enterprise telephony platforms combined with our proven implementation skills makes us one of the most trusted VOIP service providers in the UK. Our complete internet phone offering includes:

  • ROI analysis and business case consultation
  • Proven process for implementation of greenfield and migration projects
  • End-to-end solution design encompassing network QoS requirements, bandwidth security and resilience

Third party applications integration to provide added functionality