The continuing sharp rise in the adoption of hybrid Cloud solutions lies in its ability to combine the best of outsourced Cloud services with existing on-premise infrastructure. Hybrid Cloud services allow you to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of Cloud environments while keeping elements of your infrastructure in-house.

Hybrid Cloud solutions are ideal for organizations looking for the scalability and agility of Cloud computing and the assurance of maintaining some in-house computing resources. A hybrid approach to the Cloud can allow organizations to manage resources more effectively, maximizing existing investments in infrastructure while unlocking new operational efficiencies or capabilities. Our proposition is an impartial one, with a portfolio of physical, virtual, on-premise and off-premise, private Cloud or public platforms that can be combined into a single environment to meet the strategic needs of your business.

The service enables customers to access infrastructure services they have procured from AWS and Microsoft Azure from sites on their Techlogic services WAN via a dedicated link instead of via the Inter-net. Private, direct connectivity provides consistent access, reducing latency, improving stability and enhancing the security of hybrid estates when compared to accessing resources via the Internet. It is offered with a range of scalable bandwidth options to suit operational needs, and full 24/7 support to address any connectivity problems between the customer and the third party cloud provider. Private links are increasingly seen as key to delivering the requisite degree of secure, high performance connectivity on which to build out enterprise hybrid strategies.